Yields ~2 Servings
– 50g (~7Tbsp) Peak Roasters Coffee Co. beans
– 650ml Water (190-197 degrees F)
– Chemex
– Chemex Filter
– Scale & Kettle
– Bring water to slightly below a boil. Place Chemex filter (3-layer side towards spout) into brewer and rinse filter with water to get rid of any filter taste. Dump water. Grind Peak Roasters Coffee Co. coffee beans medium-coarse and pour into filter. Saturate grounds until you reach around 150ml water, let sit for 25-30 seconds to allow coffee to bloom. Continue to pour water over grounds gradually, being sure to leave about 1/4th inch of room from the top of the chemex. With all the water needed poured, let it finish brewing. Discard the filter and grounds, pour in to your PRCC mug and drink up!

*Adjust the bean-to-water ratio depending how how strong you like your coffee!